Ministry Philosophy

Ministry Philosophy

our ministry philosophy

The ministry philosophy God has given us at Encounter Community Church is three-fold. We want to encounter lives for Jesus Christ, be equipped to do Kingdom work, and expand Christ’s love to our community and beyond.

This is our DNA and quite simply defines us. Each of these areas are purposefully linked with each other and every ministry of the church runs through one of these three channels. 


At Encounter Community Church, our first and foremost mission is for people to encounter Christ in a real and authentic way. And we want to be a part of that encounter. 

Our church provides many different ministries that are meant to lead you to an encounter with Christ. Through these experiences, we hope you will recognize His love for you and your need for Him. We hope you will desire a relationship with Him and from that, a longing to be equipped to live out His purpose for your life. 



Life is a journey. So is your walk of faith. Every day is another opportunity to learn from and grow in Christ's love. No matter where you are in that journey, we want to be there with you every step of the way. 

At Encounter, we know Christ is preparing us for His work on this earth, and we need to be equipped and prepared to do that work. That’s why we have a variety of ministries to take you from where you are at to the next step in your faith journey. Then you too can impact lives for Christ and expand His Kingdom. 



We are sincerely passionate about taking the love we've found in Christ to engage and impact the community around us. That’s what expanding lives is all about; when we expand our perspective beyond our own needs and wants and begin to open up our hearts to others, then we are truly living for Christ’s purpose here on Earth.

These ministries are all about fulfilling Christ’s mission in this community. We want to expand our view to those who need to experience God’s love in their lives. Then they can begin their own journey that starts with encountering God.

The leadership structure

Encounter Community Church is ultimately under the authority and direction of Jesus Christ. Through His lordship, we are governed by three levels of leadership. These levels strive to work together with one unified goal: to fulfill our God-given mission for this church. Members of our leadership team can be found right here.


Charged with casting and maintaining the vision by developing strategic planning that will help Encounter reach it’s full Kingdom potential. The Lead Pastor and staff serves as the executive leadership for the operations and function of Encounter as well as volunteer staff and leadership.


Encounter Community Church’s Board of Administration (CBA) exists to help keep the Lead Pastor accountable for the leadership of the Church. The CBA also exists to govern the church and to help the leadership fulfill its vision, mission, and direction with support & encouragement for each ministry leader and team.


The Ministry Leadership Team (MLT) is comprised of all the ministry team leaders (paid and lay staff). They are responsible for creating, organizing and implementing all ministry team activities in coordination with the Lead Pastor and the mission and vision of Encounter.

What We Value at the Core

Our Core 5:

1.    Humility: We are a community that will lack excessive ego or personal status.  We will value the contributions of others and share attention as well as emphasize the group over self; the collective over the individually. 

2.    Growth: We are a community that will value an ongoing desire to want to learn more about God and the responsibility to constantly be praying about the next steps and opportunities God is awakening in ones life.  

3.    Unity: We are a community that will value people who tend to know what is happening in a group situation and has good judgment and discernment around how their words and actions can affect the community in the most positive way.

4.  Joy: We are a community that will value an outlook on life that is positive and uplifting which focuses on seeing God's grace even in the most difficult of situations.  

5.  Generosity: We are a community that will value a spirit and attitude of giving and resolve to help those in need when its within our capability.